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License key request

Your registration (license) key arrives as a 12 or 16 character license code in atext e-mail from WinCrypto. If you have not received your license keywithin two (2) working days or have lost it, please use our License Key Request Form to have it re-sent to you. Please note, this form is for registered customers only!

Online help files

Please, take a look at CryptoImage online help files

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You can submit your inquiry either by using the Web-based form, or by e-mail.We recommend that you use the Web-based contact form because in this case weguarantee that your message will be delivered to the support service. Do notforget to specify your valid e-mail address if you want to receive a reply from us.

If for some reason you cannot or don’t want to use the Web-based form, you can alsosubmit your inquiry by e-mail.

  • Submit your inquiry by using the Web-based form
  • Submit your inquiry by e-mail

If you do not receive a reply from us within 48 hours, it may mean that our messageto you has been filtered out by spam filters, so please e-mail us again with youralternate e-mail address.

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