CryptoImage overview

We are proud to introduce CryptoImage, an effective solution designed for creating and managing virtual encrypted disks on your computer. Our data encryption software is based on the latest innovative encryption algorithms (such as reversible encryption and asymmetric encryption) and provides the best results.

The encryption scheme:

  • First, an encrypted volume is created within the object of your choice. It can be a file, a hard drive or any other preferred device (portable / external data storage devices, such as USB flash drive, etc.).
  • After that it’s mounted as a regular disk and works the same way as a regular physical hard drive.

The encryption / decryption of the data from the chosen source occur before it’s saved / loaded. No user intervention is required for that, just the password previously set by user.

Who needs CryptoImage and why

Basically, everyone is interested in protecting personal and corporate information. Hard disk encryption is a useful feature if you don’t want other people to access your secret data. Whole disk encryption is an efficient solution bringing you the piece of mind. By simply locking the data using the CryptoImage software you will avoid any negative consequences caused by the unintended disclosure of confidential information found on your PC, laptop, removable storage devices. However, full disk encryption is not always necessary. At any time you can change the range and level it down to single file encryption as well.

Attention, laptop owners! Laptop theft is a frequent crime nowadays, and to ensure the security of your passwords, bookkeeping files, customer databases and other corporate or personal secrets stored on your laptop, you should make use of CryptoImage and its wide possibilities. From now on you can be certain that strong encryption algorithms protect your privacy at any time you need it.

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